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Parlor Automation

The Afimilk MPC or Milking Point Controller gives producers a hugely valuable tool to investigate milking and parlor efficiency. Alongside herd evaluation software, you’ll receive valuable information like milk conductivity, individual animal production, milk flow, insights on bimodality, and adherence to milking protocols just to name a few! Afimilk meters are specifically designed to keep a continuous vacuum and not cause fluctuations that are harmful to the teat ends.

Key Applications

Afimilk MPC


Exceptionally accurate device for milk yield and conductivity monitoring and recording

The ICAR-approved Afimilk MPC Milk Meter provides full control over the milking process. Its state-of-the-art conductivity sensor is used for effective and early detection of mastitis, and to reduce the damage caused by udder disease.

SARA Detection


The AfiLab Solution

Using the AfiLab sensor, Afimilk monitors changes in fat components. Applied at the group level, it provides an accurate indication of SARA – encouraging early and effective treatment.  Changes to feed should be investigated for groups displaying potential SARA symptoms.

AfiLab Milk Analyzer


Milk Point Controller

The Afimilk MPC (Milk Point Controller), provides important features and alerts for milking operators:

  • Quality milking – built to provide the necessary protection against damaging vacuum fluctuations

  • Cluster removal – accurate, adjustable thresholds for automatic stoppage of milking when milk flow decreases; timed vacuum closure guarantees smooth release of cluster from udder.

  • Pulsation – choose basic control to configure rates and ratios, or advanced flow-controlled pulsation to automatically adjust pulsation according to milk flow.

Prevention Loss


Vital Knowhow in Every Drop - Maintain Top Quality Milk

Prevent the loss of bulk milk
There is nothing more frustrating than having to throw away a whole tank due to a load of contaminated milk. Afimilk’s In-Line Milk Lab is your insurance policy for preventing bulk milk contamination:

•Colostrum – can be blocked from milking.
Milk from a cow with antibiotic treatment – can be blocked from milking.
Blood in the milk – can be detected by AfiLab to quickly stop milking.

Mastitis Detection


Mastitis Detection

Mastitis is one of the greatest cost drivers of cow health. Early detection is vital for effective treatment, preventing production loss, and avoiding cross-contamination to healthy animals.

Consequences of Mastitis:
•    Reduced production,
•    Late detection causes chronic damage,
•    Difficult impregnation,
•    Major reason for involuntary culling,
•    Cost estimate: $130/year/cow.

Animal Sorting


AfiSort - A Better Way to Manage Your Animals

Fetching cows from their barn for treatment is an intensive task for farm staff and a stressful event for the entire group. The AfiSort system changes that by letting you automatically sort animals for a treatment plan.

Ketosis Dectection


The Afimilk Solution

Afimilk excels at early detection of ketosis. Ketotic cows present increased levels of fat in their milk and decreased levels of protein. AfiLab milk analyzer measures milk components and AfiFarm software identifies when fat-to-protein ratios surpass 1.4; a reliable indication of a ketotic cow. Milk is monitored three times daily for sensitive and accurate results.

•  Ketosis damage: production impact, late pregnancies, negative selection (increased exit of high-yielding cows).
•  Prevalence: 25-40% of fresh cows.

•  Damage cost estimate: $400 for ketotic cows; an average of $100/year/cow.

Precision Milking


Precision Milking – Save Labor, Improve Udder Health!

Afimilk MPC is a highly advanced milk meter that collects detailed, minute-by-minute data about cluster attachments, flow rates, milking curves, and milking times.

These data point, in turn, serve to assess parlor operation, procedures and milking efficiency. AfiFarm’s milking efficiency module can help you coach and monitor the parlor team and improve the way they are milking.

Cow Monitoring

As qualified cow managers become harder to find, producers face challenges maintaining their herds at an optimum level. Using a cow monitoring system can alleviate extra leg work in getting daily tasks accomplished. For example; eliminating the need to tail chalk and visually record heats as well as manually checking all sick and fresh cows narrows down the tasks for those highly qualified managers.

Key Applications

Eating & Rumination

AfiCollar continuously monitors the eating patterns of the cows and heifers as well as the rumination time. Each activity provides information about the animal’s health, and changes might indicate a disease sign or a change in the animal’s wellbeing.

The advanced neck sensor provides insights on:​

  • rumination

  • eating

  • the combination of rumination and eating

  • All of the above is provided per individual cow and per group for broader analysis.

Eating & Rumination


Group Comfort

A thorough understanding of the state of each animal is essential for its welfare, and so is a comprehensive understanding of the group or herd as a whole.

With the AfiCollar the digestion patterns are monitored individually and per the entire group. offering information at a higher level for efficient management.

Main benefits of group monitoring:

  • Detection of daily changes in groups’ digestion status

  • Monitoring of health and well-being of per group of animals

  • Nutrition indication for required adaptations that might affect the health of the entire herd and consequently affect milk production.

Group Comfort


Cutting-edge software for herd monitoring and management

Use AfiFarm to monitor both your herd’s status and performance at a glance, and also per individual animal. The information provided by AfiFarm empowers you to make critical decisions quickly, for effective farm management.

The ABC dashboard delivers the most important data in a clear, accessible approach. It also integrates various Afimilk systems and tools to provide a comprehensive overview of cow and herd yield, health, and more.

Intuitive Analysis


Technology that works round the clock

Easy setup and operation – wireless technology allows for continuous reliable performance​ – wireless technology allows for continuous and reliable performance
24/7 Monitoring, wireless reading – collar sensors are read every few minutes thanks to wireless technology and sophisticated antennas.
Wireless connection to the PC –  the Reader (which reads the collars in the barn) does not need to be wired to the controller. Therefore, you can place the controller where you feel is best!
Extended range - extended reader coverage of up to 800m/0.5mi allows you to cover your farm using a minimal number of Readers.


24/7 Monitoring


Accurate heat detection

AfiCollar provides accurate heat detection for cows and heifers raised in closed barns or pasture grazing. It is used to manage:

  • Animals for insemination.

  • Best timing for insemination.

  • Anestrus cows.

  • Suspected abortion.

  • Ovulation cycles.

Heat detection


Extended range signal for pasture cow

electronic design with a high-energy battery ensures extended collar performance (an extended warranty period can be purchased).

Materials that are made to last

Created using durable, quality materials, the collar is designed to withstand impact and other harsh farm conditions, including extreme temperatures and precipitation.

Extended range signal for pasture cows


Unique tool for health monitoring

AfiCollar continuously monitors eating and rumination patterns and detects fluctuations for alerts. In addition, AfiCollar includes embedded interfaces with afimilk’s tools to combine necessary data (rumination and eating times; milk yield and conductivity; fat, protein, and lactose) to provide accurate health indications of each cow. It also alerts to the following issues:

  • Mastitis

  • Ketosis

  • Fresh cow sickness

  • Non-specific health issue

Health monitoring


Data and insights from AfiCollar can be retrieved in two easy ways:

Desktop Management with AfiFarm Herd Management Software and the ABC Dashboard for convenient use.

Afi2Go Prime Mobile Application – to access data of any cow, view lists, sort cows, and add events easily and quickly, giving you the flexibility to be where you’re needed most.

Mobile and Desktop management


Farm Management Software

AfiFarm software is comprehensive, flexible, and user-friendly. It is crucial to the automation and management of dairy farms, and now boasts a new set of capabilities and enhancements.

The dashboard is an intuitive farm management tool that integrates and translates all cow and milk data into practical information that you can use to make informed decisions.

Features of the Dashboard include:

  • Herd Status

  • Health Management

  • Insemination & Fertility

AFI2Go Prime

As an extension of AfiFarm 5.5, the latest version of market-leading dairy management software, Afi2Go Prime enables RFID-based identification, treatment update, and decision-making without being confined to an office. Available on both iOS and Android smartphones, the app allows users to search or identify animals with an RFID, Bluetooth-connected wand for individualized work on cows in REAL-TIME.

  • Use an RFID ear tag with a Bluetooth wand to identify cows or manually type the cow ID number

  • Mark cows to review later in My List

  • Access cow information such as group, codes, milk data, insemination, and pregnancy

  • Review cow history, including treatments and events

  • Identify animals that are sick, in heat or calving

Key Applications

Afi2Go Prime


Afi2Go Prime – spend less time in the office, and more time in the field:

• Cow identification: use RFID wand, type her number, or work by lists.

• Information control: cow status, events history, and sensors data.

• Mission planning: assign tags to cows, manage tasks, manage animals and codes, set group, sort, and apply diagnoses and treatments.

Farm Notifications & Mobile Info


"Farm Notification" Mobile App

Critical information at your fingertips​
Used in manual mode or linked to standard RFID wands. Notifications include animal status, events, and more. 

Receive Alerts, on time – every time!

  • Time-sensitive events are now linked directly to your smartphone.

  • Events are displayed as splash notifications and can be browsed at all times in your farm-notification inbox.

  • Events include insemination readiness alerts, calving alerts, and general system alerts.

Malfunction Dashboard


Malfunction Dashboard - Intuitive Interface, with Updated Information

Monitor the status of your equipment in and out of the parlor. Receive immediate alerts when malfunctions are detected. Use the information to quickly identify the location and cause of the malfunction.

Time for Insemination


Find out which cows to inseminate and when to do this.

Not only will AfiFarm will help you detect animals in heat and mark them for insemination, but it will also indicate the best timing for insemination.

  • Being in control of the insemination timing helps achieve improved conception rates.

  • Save money by avoiding ineffective insemination during infertile periods.

Rotary Terminal


Rotary Terminal

Touchscreen for Easy, Complete Control

  • Status: milking progress, production and groups data.

  • Alerts: wrong group, mastitis, early kick-off, codes.

  • Actions: sort, 2nd rotation.

Calving Alert Service


Vital Know-How in Every Birth

Knowing the time of calving can be the difference between life or death outcomes for calves and cows. AfiAct II provides calving alerts that help you save lives.

  • Detection of calving event, just before it starts.

  • Detect difficulty in calving that may require intervention.

  • Direct Notification to your smartphone app.

  • Proven field results from hundreds of large-scale farms, around the world.

Decision Support Tools


Breakthrough in Early Detection - Specifies Who & What

With AfiFarm, animals are treated in time.

Our software works hard for you.

Using powerful, smart technology, AfiFarm provides detailed, actionable information. — such as the following early detection reports, developed by our experts:


  • Mastitis 

  • Ketosis

  • Fresh cows’ diseases

  • Nutrition alerts

  • Anestrus cows

  • Suspected abortion

  • Overcrowding

  • Bedding problems

Animal Wellbeing


Eyes Everywhere - Without Moving

All information and functioning are visible from the milker position at the first stall, or from the comfort of your office.

  • Intuitive touchscreen-based control keeps you in control of everything in the rotary.

  • Status of milking session progress, groups, and production data keep you in control.

  • Alerts on cows in the wrong group, the early kick-off, antibiotic code, or high conductivity, make sure intervention is timely.

  • Actions such as sending a supervised cow for sorting or holding for a second rotation.

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